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International Suppliers In China Ushered In The Good Old Days
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International Suppliers In China Ushered In The Good Old Days

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-13      Origin:Site

If you're looking for businesc growth story, the Shanghai auto show car companies are not the best place to stand, but a global parts suppliers booth.

This week I visited the vendors, there are two plans to double sales within two to three years, other companies also think we can keep for a long time in the Chinese market,strong sales growth.

2012 Valeo sales in China more than 10 billion yuan ($ 1.6 billion), accounting for 10% of global sales. Valeo 2015 sales in China may double, then China will become its largestglobal market.

Another French supplier Faurecia expects 2016 sales in China will reach 3.3 billion euros (26.8 bllion yuan), compared with 1.5 bllion euros last year, more than doubled.

Last year, 35 percent of TRW Automotive's revenue comes from the US market, while 15% of its revenue from the Chinese market. But CEO John Plant, said in 2020, TRWincomc and revenuc in China will match the US markct.

German supplier Brose Group's 2012 sales in China amounted to 760 million euros, an increase of 20 percent last year, the company built two factories to expand productioncapacity in China.

Global suppliers to use the show the highest frequency of the word 'growth", but you may be wondering of their business in China's growth drivers come from.

The main factor is that the aggressive expansion of its main customers worldwide automobile manufacturers.

For example Faurecia, its Chinese market 90% of its revenue from global automotive manufacturers. Volkswagen Group alone accounted for A0% of Faurecia's business volumein China.

Volkswagen is currently under construction in China has two factories, announced this month that will add seven assembly plants, 2013-2018 years, plans to increaseproduction capacity to 4 million, the current capacity of 2.5 million.

Volkswagen is working with generic competition for China's largest light vehicle manufacturers position.

Last week, General Motors announced plans in 2015 to add four assembly plants.

Given the recession in Europe, the other major emerging market economies (including Russia, India, and Brazil) is also a lack of motivation, multinational auto companies arelikely to increase their stakes in the Chinese market.

These market operations in China in terms of global suppliers, good times seemed to be just the beginning.





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