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Elevator Maintenance Contract Manufacturers To Benefit From The Introduction Of The Model
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Elevator Maintenance Contract Manufacturers To Benefit From The Introduction Of The Model

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At present, China has reached 2.45 million units with an elevator, but the ratio of the major manufacturer of elevator maintenance since both less than 30%, most of themaintenance repair and maintenance services company in the community to bear. Since some maintenance company strength, incompetent, sense of duty, elevatormaintenance quality compromised.

      It can be said, before Beijing, Shenzhen, elevator maintenance contract template introduced, maintenance market mainly by the price war competition. Elevator MaintenanceContract Template introduction of elevator maintenance put forward higher requirements. Maintenance market value of war began to shift from the price war. In this context,part of the maintenance company that can not meet the requirements of high-quality maintenance, will exit the market. Instead, manufacturers have the advantage because ofthe expertise and supporting parts in the maintenance market in a strong position to become a model contract issued beneficiaries.

In Beijing and Shenzhen elevator maintenance contract template, the semi-bags and packages are required to provide maintenance business part or most parts, some smallermaintenance companies because they do not have enough spare parts, repair and maintenance projects to participate in the tender when uncompetitive. For manufacturers, itwould not be a problem in this regard. Especially in some parts of the factory's own core components, maintenance companies from other parts of the vendors is diffiult topurchase.

Before the opening of the Xinhua News Agency office management service center Elevator Maintenance procurement projects in the bidding documents, bidders performance,financial condition, service teams with the requirements of the situation and so has a corresponding and occupy a certain score, a single from a few requirement, themanufacturers will be more likely to get high scores than maintenance companies in society.

From the user point of view, they are also more willing to choose factory maintenance. On the one hand is the manufacturer of their products better, Victoria handy; on theother hand, manufacturers pay more attention to corporate brand image, elevator malfunction, will be the first time to solve, try to avoid brand damage.

Lift a government project tender documents will require suppliers to bid for the factory, in terms of maintenance services required bidders in the local service stations to be setup, with improved parts supply mechanism, the successful bidder shall be at below-market deals price and other wearing parts. With the enhancement of user securityawareness, requiring manufacturers to provide "one-stop" service has become a trend.

It is understood that the manufacturer of elevator maintenance for the vast majority of their own brands, with increasing ownership elevator, the major manufacturers have alsopledged to increase the emphasis on repair and maintenance market, through the construction of offices, service outlets, etc., strengthen the company's sales and servicecapabilities, hoping to increase business revenue through maintenance.





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