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Analysis Of China Elevator Industry Problems
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Analysis Of China Elevator Industry Problems

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-28      Origin:Site

Elevator industry development, and economic development and the development of the national real estate market has a close relationship, after the reform and opening up,China brand litt productivity to achieve a hundredtold now qrowing supply growth has reached titty times. Today, China has become the world's tirst production and marketingpower lift.

Howcvcr, thc dcvclopmcnt of China's clcvator industry, therc arc still scrious problcms, first. the managcmcnt issucs - tradc associations. Industry associations arc kcy

management, but did not take the initiative in the years to guide the creation of the elevator industry to China to develop, support for innovation and enterprise does not care,but only members of the Association are mostly fawning to trust foreign brands and technology.

Second, the regulatory agencies. Although regulatory reform, but only in theory that regulatory supervision, although the need for two-way security system, in fact, has not yetbeen strictly enforced in GB7588- 2003 national standard, which has a relationship with the management of the relaxation test specification. The management is doing the .articlc from the thrcshold of the cnterprisc, but thcy ignorc the nccd to givc support inovation.

Thirdly, there is the problem of the elevator in the industry itself. In the old enterprise development, currently focusing on R & D investment too litle attention, so there aresome small businesses in the imitation stage. Ihe Chinese elevator industry companies, those companies only just qot out of imitation development, innovative businessdevelopment will be faster.

Fourth, thc clcvator installation maintcnancc of a serious shortagc of powcr. At prescnt, the annual growth clcvator 50-60 million units, according to thc devclopmcnt of the 2-3 million to repair and maintenance team, and the installer also need to increase each year about one million people each year, the total annual increase in maintenance of theistallation is in the third to four million people, while the actual installation of 2014 new dimension of not more than 10.000 security personnel, installaion and maintenancepersonnel' at the end of 2014, the gap reached 5U,U0U. Iherefore insufficient supervision and guidance, resulting in a elevator insalation maintenance personnel shortage, thusaffecting the quality and safety of elevator operation.

Fifth, thc clevator industry, lack of professional training. Currently the country has rcached a production and sales lift half a million units or morc, and the current collegc withonly one elevator Suzhou professional. There are many reasons for the lack of one elevator professional faculty, the second is the elevator company's technical staff did a goodlevel of competence to these teachers.

Sixth, the financial capital of the elevator industry seriously enough, especially VC and PE are unfamiliar to the elevator industry, and no VC capital into the elevator industry,which can not raise the level of development and technological level of domestic SMEs.

For the development of the industry, must take an objective analysis, you must identify the problems, so we can solve problems and get development. But the elevator industryexecutives and companies are difiult to objectively analyze the current situation in the industry and to face the problem to solve. It takes years or even ten years to go beforethey can be gradually resolved, but which companies will be the first to get resolved before development. The Chinese brand lift really big country from the elevator to theelevator power, from the elevator to lift China to create a Chinese manufacturer, departments need to adjust the thinking, to support the development of this industry.





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